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Doom on you!

It's funny how being conscious plays tricks on the mind.

Terri Akisauce
What would you like to know?

-Certified in First Aid
-Gay girl
-Bilingual (English & Spanish)
-Languages (Japanese, French & ASL [that's American Sign Language to you])
-Politics (Independent with a distinct list to the left)
-Icon Hoarder - Take anything you want, you don't have to ask or credit.
-Animal Lover, especially Cats
-Music Lover, especially Rock & Roll
-Theater, especially Musicals

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I'm well aware that I have a trollish amount of communities listed here, but there's a reason for that. If you have a good reason for needing/wanting to know (such as being the mod of a community I've applied to or wishing to be my significant other, for example), PM me.