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Please to be allowing me to ruin your favorite movie:

So, we have your basic vampire - sleep in coffins, can't go in the sunlight, must feed on blood (preferably human), undead, immortal, pale complexion. No stakes, crosses, garlic, or turning into bats in this universe.

Later on we get your basic underground group that must ban together or be completely alone in a world where everyone else is so different from themselves; they must hide, or face societal persecution, possibly even death.

Does this remind you of anything?

We start out with a guy (Louis - pronounced "loo-ee") who's emotionally unwell - mourning, in this case, and self-destructive. Then along comes another guy (Lestat) who preys on him, and gives him the choice of either death or becoming a vampire himself. He chooses "vampire."

So throughout the movie we get Louis being told by Lestast that he's a vampire now, and he just has to accept that, it's just the way he is; but Louis, in his heart, knows it's wrong (...to disregard the sanctity of human life). Lestast manipulates him into drinking a young child's (Claudia) blood to the point that she'll die, but Lestast then forces their lifestyle on the child. Have I mentioned Louis and Lestast, too vampire men, are living together?

Louis and Claudia eventually run away from New Orleans to escape the semi-abusive Lestast. They meet a group of vampires in Europe who are unabashedly perverse (strip a young girl naked in front of a crowded theatre audience and eat her for the finale), the leader of which (Armand) insists that Claudia was too young when she was "made" and therefore cannot join their group. Claudia, fearing abandonment, sorta-kinda kidnaps an adult woman (Madeleine) and demands that Louis turn her into a vampire (can you say "I want a mother figure"?), which he does.

Throughout the movie we see Claudia, forever trapped in a 6-year-old's body, becoming curious about her sexuality (in the sense of "why can't I have puberty like everyone else?"), and Louis and Lestat acting as her parents (later just Louis alone, and very briefly Madeleine); once in Europe, we see Claudia calling Louis "father" and at the same time about to make out with him. (Think "pedophilia, incest.")

Then Armand and his group kill both Madeleine and Claudia, to which Louis responds by killing the entire group of them except for Armand, who has been the kindest to him and intentionally rescued him too late to save the girls. Armand responds by simply shrugging it off and saying that they deserved it, to which Louis responds that all vampires "deserve nothing but death," including himself.


He later confronts a decrepit Lestat (after both Claudia and Louis tried to kill him, he's not looking so great) back in New Orleans and gets a little closure, and leaves him for good this time.

Now tell me what that movie wasn't about. I looked at Wikipedia to get the names straight, and the author of the original book, Anne Rice, apparently writes "Christian fiction" (as well as other genres). Not surprising.
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