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*Sigh.* So, I'm apparently getting kicked out again. Ben caught me using my computer in the downstairs, which I have been *forbidden* to do if no one else is there. And... having been doing every night since. >:{

So he went and talked to my owner, told me to think about moving out, and outright called me a freeloader. He doesn't need to hear anything a silly woman has to say; he is a man, and therefore he is right.


Dad's going to try to keep me there as long as he can, but there is no way in hell me and Ben are going to get along even if I do. At any rate, the only place I have left to go is the heavily religious rescue mission, since the Y here doesn't take anyone unemployed and will not help you find a job. Ugh. I might as well just've stayed in Indiana, wtf.

And one more thing... I'm so glad I found the INTJ forum, they give me the words to express myself, makes me feel like hey, maybe I'm not so alone. There's really people out there who understand!

"Emotional exhaustion takes place when something is very emotionally driven, but one realizes that one cannot effect one's will." -NoOne

I have a "more ambitious" personality badge on OKCupid. I want to go to school, graduate early if I can, do a double-major, and I still haven't figured out what the hell I want to major in, but I know I can do it if I can just get help from a therapist first. But there's the rub - I need a therapist, and so the solution to my problem is reliant on other people. There's not really anything I can do about it; and I feel so frustrated and depressed for it.
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