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Oh, wow. Tqc really came together for me. I just wanted to make a list of their ideas somewhere:

1. Talk to financial aid counselors at a bunch of different schools.
2. If I can get a job (or two), 10 hours during the week and 10 on weekends, school should manageable then
3. Possibly just go to school part-time, work full-time
4. See if work-study counts toward food stamp work hours
5. Some places will count volunteer hours for your work hours, look into that
6. Look into getting a career counselor. I did some googling and found the place for my county - I had no idea this place existed! It's pretty close, too. The website says they even offer training. Yes.

ETA: posthoc's suggestion:

7. Look into getting student loans, they may be able to cover food and such.
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