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You know why there are so many more men philosophers and scientists and such? Because men don't get put into these situations.
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Friends Cut

So, I've had this journal for almost five years now, and I've added so many people and communities in that span of time that I don't even remember half of them anymore. And I've never gone through to delete some of them. So I'm re-vamping my F-list so I can make managable filters and actually even keep up with the people on my friend's list without them being drowned out by communities.

If I've taken you off and you want to be added back, comment here. A brief explaination of who you are would help, too, or at least why you want to be added back.
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Writer's Block: Book review

What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?

Honestly I think any tech-savy teenager is going to be able to figure out how to get their hands on any book they want. I don't believe in banning any book in the first place, but it's seriously losing its quote-unquote "value" anyway.
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So, lately I've been learning more about MBTI theory (as per INTJ), and more recently I've started to notice my outside environment more. INTJs spend most of their time in their own heads, I don't see the sidewalk when walking or whatever's outside the window when in a vehicle because I'm concentrated on whatever I'm thinking about. Because of that I'm terrible with recognizing where I am - I have to be paying special attention for an environment to register.

So today I was purposely concentrating on the outside environment more. I can definitely see the benefits of being aware of your surroundings. Is this how most people live, noticing their outside environment more than themselves? Hmm. I think I understand people better now.
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I just read a story where a hard-luck kid rescues a baby bird that fell out of its nest, nurses it back to health, and releases it all healthy again into the wild only to have a crow eat it.

Who's never felt like that bird?
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*Sigh.* So, I'm apparently getting kicked out again. Ben caught me using my computer in the downstairs, which I have been *forbidden* to do if no one else is there. And... having been doing every night since. >:{

So he went and talked to my owner, told me to think about moving out, and outright called me a freeloader. He doesn't need to hear anything a silly woman has to say; he is a man, and therefore he is right.


Dad's going to try to keep me there as long as he can, but there is no way in hell me and Ben are going to get along even if I do. At any rate, the only place I have left to go is the heavily religious rescue mission, since the Y here doesn't take anyone unemployed and will not help you find a job. Ugh. I might as well just've stayed in Indiana, wtf.

And one more thing... I'm so glad I found the INTJ forum, they give me the words to express myself, makes me feel like hey, maybe I'm not so alone. There's really people out there who understand!

"Emotional exhaustion takes place when something is very emotionally driven, but one realizes that one cannot effect one's will." -NoOne

I have a "more ambitious" personality badge on OKCupid. I want to go to school, graduate early if I can, do a double-major, and I still haven't figured out what the hell I want to major in, but I know I can do it if I can just get help from a therapist first. But there's the rub - I need a therapist, and so the solution to my problem is reliant on other people. There's not really anything I can do about it; and I feel so frustrated and depressed for it.

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Oh, wow. Tqc really came together for me. I just wanted to make a list of their ideas somewhere:

1. Talk to financial aid counselors at a bunch of different schools.
2. If I can get a job (or two), 10 hours during the week and 10 on weekends, school should manageable then
3. Possibly just go to school part-time, work full-time
4. See if work-study counts toward food stamp work hours
5. Some places will count volunteer hours for your work hours, look into that
6. Look into getting a career counselor. I did some googling and found the place for my county - I had no idea this place existed! It's pretty close, too. The website says they even offer training. Yes.

ETA: posthoc's suggestion:

7. Look into getting student loans, they may be able to cover food and such.

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I just need to... work some things out, here.

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So, here are my problems -

Option 1 - School.
-Have to work to get benefits; grades will suffer.
-If I go part-time it'll take a lot longer than it should to get a degree; I'm already a year behind.

Option 2 - Job.
-Soft job market.
-No experience.
-Not sure if past employer will give me a good recomendation or not.
-Applied at several places already, haven't heard back from any of them.